In the world of Meta Dog World, there are many ways of earning for the users:


Dog race
The main way that profits greatly from dogs.
Dog renting for breeding
(passive income)
With dogs that have high tiers and performance, you can have them for rent by other users to breed and bring profit.
Dog renting for racing - coming soon
(passive income)
When you have too many dogs and not enough time to manage, you can have other users rent your dogs and make a passive income.
Selling dog
When owning dogs with high tier or credit, you can sell them on the marketplace for a good price.

Invest (coming soon)

Coach Center
Invest in a coach center, receive coaches and sell coaches through the marketplace.
Food Factory
Invest in a food factory, receive and sell food through the marketplace.
Invest in a Stadium, receive and sell race tickets through the marketplace.
Spa Center
Invest in a Spa Center, receive and sell spa tickets through the marketplace.

Staking (coming soon)

Stake NFT
Use NFT Dog to receive Food, Race tickets and Spa tickets.
Stake Token
Use Token to receive Token


Referral program
User can invite you to games, this friend, through important activities like racing and winning will gain referral points for the user.
Submit referral point to receive weekly gifts
KOL program
Players register KOL with Meta Dog Worlds and instruct their communities to play Meta Dog World. Each box sold through players recommendation, players will receive commission.

Betting (coming soon)

Betting on blazing races to receive extremely big prizes.