A busy trading market with all kinds of NFT can be traded here. Players can hunt for quality NFT dogs with an arbitrage price and sell them for an even higher price, or produce and sell basic NFT like food, race ticket and spa ticket, or buy the basic NFT to race and win back many promising rewards.
The types of products that can be bought, sold or traded on Marketplace include:
  • NFT Dog
  • NFT Coach
  • Stock of Coach Center, Spa Center, Food Factory, or Stadium (Coming soon)
  • Food, Race Ticket, Spa Ticket (Coming soon)
There are 2 types of trades on the Marketplace: fixed price and free market.

Marketplace with fixed price trading

Traditional trading is applied for NFT dogs, NFT coaches and types of stock. In this way, players can sell NFTs and wait for other players to buy.

Marketplace with free market (Coming soon)

Based on the procedure of swapping, products change values with the market like pancakeswap or uniswap. This method is applied for food, race tickets and spa tickets. Players don’t need to wait for the products to be sold successfully but will profit instantly through the swap mechanism.
Trading fee:
  • 0.1% of total trading value.
  • Trading fee will be put on the seller.