Game Technical

The game is built using the Unity engine and Google's backend technology, with the developer team's more than 10 years of experience in game making, user experience and security are a priority. The game server structure is built based on a combination of a central server model and decentralized blockchain to reconcile the strengths of the two technologies so that the game achieves the highest security.

Blockchain technology

BNB chain is the first chain to be supported, MetaMask is the first wallet to be supported, then more blockchains and other wallets will be supported in the game.
The function that calculates the outcome of a race will contain an algorithm that is a combination of 3 factors: a dog's skills, their performance in a day and the luck index in each race. This function will be deployed on the game server and in the smart contract on the blockchain, the function will include the use of VRF Chainlink's random algorithms to ensure randomness, the result of each race will be a transaction on the blockchain that everyone can view and audit (coming soon).