Benefits for racing dogs

Each dog in the game will be an NFT on the blockchain to participate in races to earn money, dog racing on the blockchain will not have a real-life dog injured, sprained or dead on the racing track.
Benefits for racing dog ranchers
Race dog ranchers can digitize their dogs into MetaDogWorld into NFT to race for an additional source of income without having to affect the health and welfare of their dogs.
Benefits for spectators and betting participant
It is an unrecognized fact that dog races can be manipulated so that the undercover bosses get the maximum profit, dogs can be secretly injected with drugs to achieve their full physical potential. Satisfaction is superior to other players, for which the spectators participating in betting will not know about the unpleasant face and they just go betting on non-transparent races, with absolutely predicted results.

Fair and square

In MetaDogWorld, the formula for calculating the result of a race will be put into a method that will be implemented in a smart contract on the blockchain, the result of each race will be a transaction so that anyone can see and understand how the winning dog is ranked. The betting on it will be guaranteed to be transparent, and that’s the most practical application of blockchain's transparency to solve real-life problems mentioned above.
Making dog racing a wide-ranging entertainment industry
Dog racing is a niche industry, but dogs themselves are a widespread topic around the world. In MetaDogWorld, not only the greyhound dog breed that is mainly used in real-life races, but also other cute, familiar and human-friendly dog breeds will also be included in the game to participate in the races, which helps to expand the market and target customers not only at crypto users, but also a large market of dog lovers across the globe.