100-year-old industry

Dog racing is a sports industry that has been around for more than 100 years, originating in the US, then imported to the UK and many other countries. There are currently 7 countries that recognize this sport as legal including: UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Vietnam and Mexico.

Problems that need to be solved

Greyhounds are the main dog breed used in dog races because they are deemed the king of speed. Since the dogs have to rush at high speed, the occurrence of injury is completely inevitable, resulting in sprained, broken legs, racing dogs losing their legs or even dying on the racing track.
The captivity condition in some places is also below shabby, dogs are kept in small compartments all day without receiving good care. Worse still, independent investigations in several places have found that more than 7,000 puppies born every year are executed for demand is outstripped by the supply.
Some organizations that fight for the rights of greyhounds in the greyhound racing industry have also launched rescue campaigns as well as persuaded law enforcement to enact laws to ban the sport, and they have achieved certain achievements. For instance, in the US in 1993, Maine was the first state to officially have the sport banned, then later proceed many other states in the following years.
It is always a good thing to fight against animal cruelty. In other opinions, doing that, in a way, destroys the industry, causing damages to all parties involved, including: racing dog ranchers, people who have invested a lot of money and effort in the industry, people who love greyhound racing as well as like to participate in betting on races.